New Year, New Look

Hello, Readers!

Happy New Year and new semester to all the students from the staff here at the Gadfly! As you can see, our site has a new updated look; even more exciting, we’re currently working on a new look for the physical copies of the Gadfly. But despite all the aesthetic changes, don’t worry – the Gadfly you know and love is still the same collection of articles intended to get people talking and, in the words of Socrates, “persuade and reproach.” Let us know what you think by sending an email.

I’d also like to add that while our staff writers love to write, we want to hear what you have to say! Any students interested in writing articles or other content for the Gadfly can email us, too, at, or contact one of the staff members.

May God’s blessings be abundant as we start a new year of academics, extracurriculars, and all the in-betweens of this spring semester.

Bite the sleeping horse!

Courtney Shingle, Executive Assistant